Which is the best outdoor sport in the world?

Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor sports because it's fun and offers great training. Paintball players often have too much fun to realize that they are actually exercising their bodies. Wait a moment and try again. Ready to feel your pulse racing? From volcano surfing to cave diving, bungee jumping and kitesurfing, we've rounded up the best adrenaline-pumping adventure sports and incredible destinations to try them out (when we can officially start traveling again).

An outdoor sport that is becoming increasingly popular, paddle surfing or SUP, causes participants to stand on a board to float and paddle in the water. Skiing is a fantastic sport, although it can be an expensive activity. There are different types of skiing, from downhill to cross-country and off-piste. Resort skiing allows you to climb, for example, by chairlift or gondola, and then ski along groomed slopes.

Cycling is a very accessible sport once you have a bicycle. There are many options, from track racing to road biking, mountain biking and bike luggage. One of the fastest growing areas is the electric bicycle (assisted electric bicycles). Bicycles vary greatly in price and it tends to be that the lighter the materials, the more expensive the bike is.

Follow the advice of a cycling friend or a bike shop and definitely test a bike before buying it. Think carefully about where you will use the bicycle the most and buy accordingly. Cycling is ideal for cardio and strength training, as well as mental health. Once again, hill walking is an accessible sport and it's possible to improve your experience by going out with friends or a walking group.

Baseball began as a famous school game among young people in Great Britain and Ireland. The current baseball game, however, is of North American origin. Today, it is undoubtedly popular in the United States. Golf has its main influence in Western Europe, Eastern Asia and North America.

Easily one of the most practiced sports in the world, 60 million people around the world play golf regularly, according to sports magazines. In India, golf is still considered one of the most expensive games, even then it has been able to make an impression on the world golf course. Volleyball is mainly played in Western Europe, North America and India, and the sport has an estimated global following of 900 million fans. Lately, this sport has been gaining popularity in Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates as well.

This sport is very popular in schools and universities in India and is considered one of the best group sports. Inspired by ritual divers in Vanuatu, Kiwi businessman AJ Hackett popularized the modern sport of diving from a ledge while tied to a safety lanyard. In fact, in India cricket is nothing short of a festival, and people don't need a reason to play the sport. Thanks to global superstars such as Michael Jordan, kobe bryant and LeBron James, basketball is highly marketable and that is reflected in its ranking of the top 5 among the most popular sports in the world.

The Federation of International Basketball Associations estimates that a minimum of 450 million people play this sport worldwide. According to historical records, tennis began as an outdoor game in the 12th century and became an indoor court game in the 13th century. The sport is growing at a rapid pace in Asia, so don't be surprised to see tennis rank higher among the most popular sports in the coming years. Easily one of the most popular sports in the world, 60 million people around the world play golf regularly, according to Golf Today magazine.

In the last world census conducted by the governing body of sport FIFA, it was estimated that there are 265 million people who practice this sport together with more than 5 million referees, which is equivalent to 4% of the world's population, thus consolidating its place at the top of the list of the most popular sports in the world. It is a popular sport in the United States and China, as well as throughout continental Europe and South America, making it one of the most played sports worldwide. Widely recognized as one of the world's most popular individual sports, tennis is played by an estimated 60 million men and women, according to Topend Sports. The International Cricket Council (ICC) says 125 incredible countries around the world play this sport.

A firm favourite at the Olympic Games, field hockey is a highly technical sport, played by 10 field players plus a goalkeeper and its rules differ from the ice hockey variant of the sport. This sport has also become one of the most popular sports in India since the last decade, following its integration into schools, social clubs and sports centers. . .