Exploring the Most Popular Outdoor Sports in the US

Running is by far the most popular outdoor activity in the United States. Fishing is also a popular pastime, and Oregon is full of trails, from easy to very challenging, all of which feature incredible views, wildlife, and greenery. From the lush green forests to the high desert, there's no bad place to tie your boots and hit the trails. One of the things you should do in Oregon is to explore Crater Lake by hiking along the rim and through the National Park.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs through Oregon for those who want to spend a month hiking on the “wild” side. The Oregon coast is another absolutely incredible place to walk with tidal pools, whale watching, and rugged coastal views. In central Oregon, the McKenzie River Trail takes hikers to waterfalls, hot springs, ancient lava flows, and crystal clear waters. If you're looking for a spot closer to Portland, Eagle Creek Trail offers an impressive waterfall and gorge walk.

Whether you're hiking in the summer months through wildflower meadows and cascading waterfalls or during the winter with snowshoes, this state asks you to explore it on foot. Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor sports because it's fun and offers great training. It usually starts at children's training circles for most people, and then becomes a means of getting to work early. With the onset of COVID-19, consumers are looking for activities that help them stay busy and healthy while social distancing.

As a result, several categories of outdoor activities have experienced explosive growth. Golf equipment sales increased by 51% in June due to new players in the sport and the accumulated demand for reopening golf courses. If this momentum continues, it could be a great opportunity for the industry to engage with new customer segments. Family recreation space can be a big help to the industry as affordable and accessible activities can be increasingly coveted by a wide range of consumers as they seek value amid economic turmoil.

The combined effect of increased popularity of inflatables and increased demand for outdoor activities has created a perfect storm that has increased sales of padel sports and transformed the types of products that make up the category. For the best experience, I recommend trying each of the top 5 outdoor sports so that you can get a little bit of everything in terms of fun and body exercise. Whether you want to kayak the sea, lakes, or rivers, this sport is one of Oregon's top 12 outdoor activities. Each river offers unique wildlife viewing, waterfalls, beaches, swimming pools and magnificent scenery.

Oregon is an international hot spot for climbers, and as the sport grows in popularity, so does the number of places to climb. Therefore, as you enjoy this outdoor sport, your coordination and quick thinking will improve. An outdoor participant is defined as a person who participated in one or more than 40 outdoor activities at least once. With 12 unique ski resorts located across the state, there are endless opportunities for winter outdoor fun.

As a wide range of consumers sought safe activities during stay-at-home periods, sales were less likely to be driven by those looking for epic moments and more likely to be driven by those looking for quality family time outdoors. Inflatable versions of kayaks and paddleboards gained popularity as consumers found that they were easier to store and less expensive.