Which is no 1 outdoor game in world?

Football: 4 billion fans. Soccer, better known as soccer in the united states and Canada, is the most popular sport in the world, with an estimated following of 4 billion fans. Wait a moment and try again. Well, its popularity in the United States is increasing progressively.

However, it has been a popular game across Europe and East Asia. It is one of the most popular sports in the world by attendance. Field hockey is a very popular sport played in 100 countries. The game is played by two teams, each of which has ten players and a goalkeeper.

It usually involves hitting a small, hard plastic ball with sticks to score goals. The club is usually made of wood, carbon fiber, or fiberglass with a flat face for hitting the ball. The game requires a lot of concentration, a lot of team effort and quick thinking. Cricket is a fairly popular game that hosts tournaments and leagues throughout the year.

It is a game in which two teams of eleven players participate. It is usually played on a large field with a field in the center, which is 20 meters long and has wickets at each end. The wicket is three stumps with two fasteners on the top of the stumps. It's a game of bat and ball.

The team chooses to bat or play ball, the preference to choose is decided on the basis of a pitch. The goal of the teams is to score the maximum when batting, that is, hitting the ball with the bat. And the bowling team tries to take wickets and fire each player of the opposing team, thus reducing their scores. When 10 players are sent off, the next innings begin and teams swap roles.

Golf is not a competitive sport. It is a game of sticks and ball in which players use the sticks to direct the ball to the holes in the ground. The game is played on vast terrain that has no standardized limit. The game is generally played with a series of 18 holes and the objective is to finish the game with the least number of strokes.

As indicated by the tug-of-war guidelines, each group can adapt to a limit of 8 people. Mark crosses the line of focus, the group that pulls the rope into their territory wins the game. The group is allowed two alerts before being excluded. Land for a longer period of time is also considered foul.

To play football, divide players into 2 groups of 11 individuals each, with a quarterback for each group who will pass the ball to different players towards the start of each game. Each group has 4 attempts to move the ball in any case 10 yards, otherwise the opposing team recovers the ball. Cricket is a game played with a bat and a ball on a huge field, known as terrain, between two groups of 11 players each. The objective of the game is to score runs when batting and to expel or expel opposing batters when they are on the field.

The team that scores the most runs in the end wins the game. With smartphones and digital games that currently rule planet Earth, today's children are more attached to screens than ever before, leaving little space to play and play outdoor sports. Once again, hockey is a game played in multiple dimensions, including bandy, field hockey, hockey ice and roller hockey. Baseball is a batting and ball game played between two teams of nine players who take turns batting and playing the field.

You may already know that Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field in the center of which is a rectangular field 22 yards long. According to historical records, tennis began as an outdoor game in the 12th century and became an indoor court game in the 13th century. This game is also played in many schools and offers a lifetime of sports and social opportunities for players, officials and administrators. .